Everyone belongs at the table.

However, there is a lie that permeates Christian culture that says, "You're only welcome to the table if you are just like us". Being a Christian, I have played a part in this systemic lie. once I realized this, my perspective changed. Now I share resources And stories in hopes of EXTENDING the Belonging of God to all.

We Become Human Together.

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Hi, I'm Brett!

I know what it feels like for the church to say, "You have to be just like us to be a part of us." 

In fact, I know what it feels like to say that to another human being. Like many Christians, I was taught the lie that the Kingdom of God required you to have all your shit together before you could be considered a "Christian". Yet, when my life started to take a turn towards grey, rather than being black and white, I decided it was time to dig deeper into this narrative of who is in and who is out. It is my observation (and the observation of those who have gone before me) that God is present in all of life's shit. Jesus meets us in the mess and takes on flesh. AND we don't have to be perfect to belong in the mystery of God. God is present in all of our lives. I create resources and share experiences to help others see the world from their neighbor's point of view so that we can become fully human together -- reflecting that of the life of Christ.

I am a seminary student pursuing an MDiv and am working to create a platform and content that is representative of marginalized persons of faith. 

Will you join me at the table? You belong here.

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