My doctor stopped returning my calls after she found out I’m gay

This room had grown all too familiar. Stale beige walls, speckled black and white tiles, and those uncomfortable purple chairs — everyone knows the kind, straight and stiff with no give in the back. I sat there, bouncing my leg, and waiting nervously. 

I had recently come out and I began to wonder what would happen if Dr. Liz found out that I was gay?

I started going to Dr. Liz when I first moved to Kansas City. I was working in retail, so I couldn’t be too picky about the doctor if I wanted to stay within network for my insurance. 

Dr. Liz seemed like a perfect fit. She was in-network, she listened to me, and I felt like she truly cared. I remember our appointments as vivid conversations about education, faith, and our personal goals. Sometimes, because I’m relatively healthy, there would be several weeks before our next appointment, and because we joked around often she would ask me if I was cheating on her with other doctors. I felt like I had a connection with Dr. Liz and her staff, one unlike any of my previous relationships with medical practitioners……READ MORE

Original article found on LGBTQ Nation